Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 Indoor Lighting Tips For Rooms That Work

Decorating your home can be a tricky business. Sometimes you have all the right elements, but something just seems to be missing. If your rooms aren't feeling quite right, look to the lighting first. The wrong lighting or not enough lighting can make your rooms look off. Read on for five indoor lighting tips that will work in each room of your house.

Use The Right Lighting To Make Your Dining Room Inviting

It is hard to enjoy a good meal when the lighting in the dining room isn't just right. Your main goal with dining room lighting is to keep the focus on eating and enjoying your meal. To this end, you will want the main lighting focal point to be a pendant or chandelier. Place the table beneath the light and don't make the lighting too bright.

Focus on indirect lighting in the rest of the dining room. Place one or two small lamps on your buffet or have an electrician install wall sconces on the wall. Candles and or battery operated lights will add additional ambiance to the dining room.

Expand Your Lighting Options In The Living Room

Your living room needs to be well lit with plenty of flexible lighting options. Instead of focusing on the ceiling light in your living room, light the corners instead. Focus one of the lights on an object and use table and floor lamps to shine the light both upwards and downwards. Since multiple people tend to use the living room, make sure each chair or sofa end has its own adjustable light.

See Clearly With The Best Bathroom Lighting

It is crucial that your bathroom lighting be bright so you can see what you are doing when you apply makeup and brush your teeth. You also want the light to be bright so you can easily see what you are doing in the shower. Try installing a light over the shower. You will also want sidelights because they can eliminate shadows on your face when you you are doing your hair and makeup.

Make Your Bedroom Cozy With The Right Lighting

Your bedroom is your retreat, so you want it to feel cozy and comforting when you step inside. A variety of light sources will help you to reach this goal. You will want reading lamps next to the bed, or wall sconces if you don't have the space for reading lamps. Make sure your overhead light is on a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness.

See Clearly In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one place in your home that will need strong overhead lighting so you can see what you are doing as you cook and clean. You will also need lighting on your work surfaces and underneath your cabinets so you can see what you are doing on your counters.

The right lighting is crucial to making your home an inviting place. Follow these tips and your house will feel just right when you step inside. Check out some home improvement contractors if you want.

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