Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Remodeling Your Kitchen - Lighting Possibilities

Remodeling your kitchen can be a big job or a rather small project. It all depends on your available budget and on the current state of your kitchen. When you remodel, you can take advantage of it and think about the various lighting possibilities you have.

The first thing your kitchen lighting should do is to light. You need to see the foods you cook, so avoid going for dark fixtures with dim lighting. If you enjoy such lights, at least make sure you install some cabinet lighting, so that you can have enough light when you need it. You need to be practical, especially if you do use your kitchen for its intended purpose, which is to cook. If you mainly eat out or order food from catering services, you might not really care about this detail. However, consider making your lights functional, as you are going to be happy, should you want to sell your home some day.

Cabinet lighting is a solution preferred by many, thanks to its elegance and versatility. You can play with lights and shadows for creating a dramatic effect, right there, in your kitchen. All you need is a strip lighting along the bottom side of your cabinets. There's also the option of outer cabinet lighting, but this is less preferred by homeowners, as many of them don't feel like highlighting their kitchen accessories such as knobs and handles.

Puck lights are another kitchen cabinet lighting option which was very popular a few years ago. Many people still prefer puck lights, because they are compact, easy to install and extremely flexible. You can choose the lighting direction, which is a cool feature especially for young and dynamic people who want to enjoy a modern kitchen design without spending a lot on accessories and fixtures. You can install such lights inside the cabinets in order to highlight some of your favorite pieces of kitchenware. It's not very hard to create a movie-like atmosphere with relatively inexpensive fixtures. This is actually the beauty of lighting: it enables you achieve a lot with minimum investments. Read more about home improvement contractors.

Layering your lights allows you to create a comfortable space for all your favorite activities. You can use cabinet lighting when cooking, ceiling lighting when you set the table and decorative dining table lighting when you want to enjoy a cozy and romantic atmosphere together with your beloved one. This is how you can create the perfect ambient light for meals, without having to give up the convenience of the direct lighting of your kitchen counters. 

A poorly lit cooking space may lead to injuries, even if you only use your kitchen occasionally. Nonetheless, it is also true that a kitchen space without the right lighting accents here and there may seem dull and make you wish to eat out every night. In order to have the best of both worlds, you need to sit and plan your kitchen lighting solutions before remodeling. If you don't know how to do this yourself, you can always hire a professional to help you pick the best solutions.


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